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Digestive system refers to the food pipe all the way to the rectum. Being healthy requires proper care of your body. With the diseases and conditions people are facing, you cannot afford to take chances. Health will always come first despite the amount of money you have or how to fit you think you are. With proper care, your digestive system should deal with issues without any setbacks. This includes digesting all the way to defecation process. Here are top ideas guidelines on what to do so that you maintain a healthy stomach.

Water Does More for You

Water is a vital and crucial part of our diet. You can survive with water and without anything to eat, but the vice versa is impossible. Water does more than one job for your digestive system. The first thing is the digestion process. For digestion to happen food content must be mixed, and without water, your body will have a hard time. The second thing is activating enzymes responsible for absorption. These enzymes found in the stomach, ileum and colon are always inactive until a mixture is introduced. To avoid constipation and hard stool, drink a lot of water. Like the doctor’s advice you, drink at least 8 cups. Let it be pure water and if you must add something, may be some lemon juice.

Exercise Does More Than Maintain Weight

Well, sitting down and waiting for a miracle to save your system is waste of time. Apart from preventing heart and other sedentary diseases, exercising also increases the peristalsis of the digestive system. When food is digested, it needs to move so as to create space in the stomach. If you are so stagnant, your stomach will develop stagnation too and you will experience constipation. To avoid all these problems, start an exercising program and you will find out that your stomach will always be relaxed.

Stress Could Be Your Enemy

There is no human being who doesn’t experience stress. However, how people manage the situation is different and that is what causes stomach related problems. Wait, you didn’t think stress causes headache and heart conditions too did you? It is true, stress dangerous and will mess up with the healthy food digestion. Stress increases the stomach activity including production of acid. You will find yourself eating more food especially starch which could be very dangerous if consumed in large quantities. Find something to do if you experience stress or anxiety.

Stop Drinking and Other Queer Habits

One thing about alcohol is its effect on stomach walls and the liver. Some people recommend drinking sometimes to help in digestion. In a way, this may be true but then people exceed the stipulated amount and cause problems. Other things you should stop taking include caffeine. Apart from insomniac effects, caffeine can affect your digestive system and to some extent causes heartburns. You should stop smoking if you want a healthy digestive system

Eating Habits

The time and how you consume your food is very important. When you consume food using a regular schedule, the digestive system adapt and will function efficiently. Eat lesser foods at night before you sleep and more in the morning. Doctors recommend such because in the morning is when you need more energy than at night. On top of that, don’t take too long before going to the toilet especially defecating.


A digestive system is not as exposed as the heart. A body including the shape is influenced by how function able the digestive system is. If your digestion is corrupted most functions in the body are affected and lag.