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The world of fashion is amusing. Makeup industries strive a lot to make the best makeup sets so that people can have glowing skin. The same goes for lotion and scrub companies. A lot of tips are provided for people on how to maintain their skins with man-made products and that is okay.

Girls especially have this idea of glowing perfect skin which they think can be achieved by using products from these companies. However, did you know that watching what you eat could have a significant impact on the skin? You don’t have to worry about acne or blemishes if you know what to eat. Let us look at some of these foods which are beneficial to skin care.

Broccoli, Not Favorite

Typically, no one wants the mention of the name broccoli near them. Salads which have broccoli lose consumers. However, the advantages that come with eating broccoli are many given. It works on many parts of the body but let’s concentrate on the skin. The mineral and vitamin content of broccoli are many and these are what boost health of your skin. The first mineral is carotenoid which is important to give protection against wrinkling of the skin. Apart from that, eating broccoli can help prevent skin cancer. This can be attributed to sulforaphane compound found in the vegetable.

Tomato Fruit

Forgive the title but I don’t think the debate of whether tomato is a fruit or vegetable is over yet. Vitamin C is good for the skin, and there is no fruit which is so rich in vitamin C like tomatoe. Apart from that, tomatoes contain lycopene and beta-carotene both of which help fight oxidizing effects on the skin providing protection against dryness. Dryness takes away the glow of skin and makes your skin age. To enable tomatoes to help your skin, you should mix with water so that the body can quickly absorb the nutrients.

Chocolate, Yummy!

I don’t think any girl needs to be forced to eat chocolate. I mean even without realizing the benefit, girls still love it. Well, fun aside, chocolate especially dark chocolate is beneficial to you. When you consume chocolate, your skin will stay hydrated and this is after a study was conducted. When your skin is more hydrated, UV rays of the sun don’t have much effect on it and this keeps it glowing.

Green Tea, Not Really a Favorite

Apart from having weight loss benefits, green tea can help improve your skin health. Nutrients contain in green tea include catechins which are beneficial for skin as well as other blood circulation functions. Apart from this, it detoxifies the body, and that leaves your skin shining with radiance.

Avocado, Can’t Say No To This

Avocados are healthy fat that people have enjoyed since time immemorial. However, due to different researches done on this fruit, avocados are being used as face cream instead of eating them. Did you know they work but when eaten? Well, avocados provide moisture for the skin keeping it dehydrated and healthy. Moreover, avocados protect the skin against sun rays which could cause dryness and aging.  To top it up, avocados have vitamin E which is vital to prevent oxidative damages.


Having a great skin boosts your confidence. Man-made products could have adverse effects so why not go natural? Eat some of the foods above and wait for the results. It all starts with good health and eating foods that will benefit your skin. Remember to drink water daily on top of eating nutritious foods. It is that simple and there you have a radiant skin.